You Are Imperfect

You are imperfect, permanently & inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful #MondayMotivation

You are imperfect, permanently & inevitably flawed.  And you are beautiful.

There is so much emphasis on perfection, namely beauty.  Media and social networks don’t let us forget all the propaganda and the “importance” of it.  Strangers on the street stare and judge.  Rolling eyes… The only escape we seem to have is if we create our own safe haven and retreat.

Perfection (noun): the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.

If we were all “perfect”, wouldn’t everyone look, act and be the same? What fun is that?  It’s our imperfections that make us unique, that make us… US.

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This Monday I want you to embrace your differences, your imperfections and flaws.  Tell the world what they are and why they’re awesome!  

Better yet, just tell everyone how beautiful you are.  Doesn’t matter why you’re beautiful, you just are!

Monday’s need motivation and there’s no end in sight! Stop by and start your week off right!

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  1. Nice little thought provoking post. Far too much emphasis is put on the superficial in this day and age. Generally fuelled by social media and the love of “celebrity”. Beauty is what you want it to be :-) #mg

    1. Thank you =) Media is killing the beauty we are capable of seeing with our own eyes. We don’t need to be told what beauty is

  2. Hello Sarah, I’ve just written a similar post which I’ve linked to #mg link up. The media and society has always put so much pressure on to be perfect in every way but as you age you realise that our flaws are part of your beauty. You are You and we need to accept ourselves for the person we are.

  3. Very nice Sarah! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people could feel comfortable in their own skin? The happiness level would certainly increase.

  4. Love this post! It is so true that media portrays very unrealistic images and standards of beauty but I am grateful for others like yourself who speak ups and remind everyone that we are all perfect in our imperfections.

    1. Thanks Maureen. I struggle with it myself sometimes but My Monday posts have been helping me live better and see the world differently.

  5. Love it – so true too! There’s no point striving for perfection. The world would be a very boring place if we were all the same! Thanks so much for sharing your quote with #candidcuddles x

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