Creating a Vision Board To Keep You Inspired

Have you ever created a vision board?  Filled a cork board, canvas or a piece of paper with words, photographs and images that inspire you?

I needed some inspiration and it needed to be close by.  Something  to spark motivation every time I saw it.  The dashboard pocket in my Midori traveler’s notebook was a perfect place for it.

Creating a Vision Board To Keep you inspired

Last year I came across a vision board that Michelle of Seaweed Kisses created and knew I had to make my own.  Unfortunately it took me until NOW to get one done.

Creating A Vision Board To Keep You Inspired

I’ve been collecting words from magazines and mailings for awhile now to add to my crafts.  As certain ones called out to me, I set them aside for my board.

It’s amazing how some washi tape, magazine clippings and glue can brighten your day and motivate you to be a better you.

Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Vision Board

Hello sunshine, Smile & Peace and Serenity

There’s nothing like thinking about warm sun on your face coupled with a big smile and deep breathe.


  • Trust yourself
  • Learn, Make, Connect
  • Rise above everyday annoyances with a little meditation.
  • Imagination will take you everywhere.

Vision Board


  • Teach and inspire.
  • Dig Deeper.

The eye washi makes me think about taking a look at myself, inside and out.  And it’s pretty.

Vision Board

Choose to shine + sparkly, silver washi.  You can’t NOT shine if you put that washi tape on stuff.  Am I right?

Change is beautiful.  A wonderful reminder to not fear the unknown; it can be beautiful.

And last but not least, grow.  Never stop growing.

Two that got cut off by the way I took my pictures are reminders of who I am.

I am Unstoppable.

I am artfully inspired.

Now to slip it in my traveler’s notebook

Vision Board

There! It’s perfect!  Now I have to add a few family photos on the back =)

What words and images appear on your vision board?

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  1. Your vision board is great! I’ve done mine HUGE in poster size and smaller inside different ongoing journals. All is good as long as they inspire you along the way.

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