Spring Has Sprung (Finally…)

Hello there =)

Spring is finally starting to blossom in my next of the woods suburbs.  A perfect time to capture it all coming to life.

Today I’m showing you what spring looks like in my mom’s yard and mine.

My Mom’s Springtime Sprigs

SCsundaysnap - Spring Has Sprung, daffodils
ISO (auto) | f 8.0 |1/1000


SCsundaysnap - Spring Has Sprung, flowering bush
ISO (auto) | f 8.0 |1/1000

My Flowering Faux Pas

SCsundaysnap - Spring Has Sprung, dandelion
ISO (auto) | f 8.0 |1/1000

Meh, at least my weeds are a pretty yellow and not those nasty pricker bushes…  What is your yard/garden springing up?

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    1. Thank you =) I’ll have to get more pics of my moms flowers once they’re in bloom. M yard will be sportin’ weeds ;)

  1. Daffodils, forsythia? and dandelions! LOL! Those dandelions are some strong survivor plants, they live through everything! Sadly, even weed killer! Happy spring!

  2. I am a plant killer, all the ones I had on my balcony are dead. The fact that it is Summer here in Mumbai doesn’t help, but I am hugely to blam for forgetting to water them. I will only buy new plants once the monsoon arrives and the rain does the job to keep them happy :-)

    1. Good luck with your new plants! A goal I have to 2016 (yes, next year) is to get a plant and keep it alive. =)

      1. That is a good goal to have :-)
        I should make that my next new year resolution. Right now I am waiting on some basil seed I planted to grow. I have sprouts, let’s see if I actually get them to grow tall enough to have fresh basil for my salads.

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