Don’t Put Off Your Happy Life

Don't put off your happy life. #MondayMotivation

Don’t put off your happy life.

What does it mean to be happy?

How do you know when you’re happy?

Is it finding financial freedom?  Owning fancy, name brand things?  Perhaps it’s being in a position of power

Those things may make you feel better about your position in life, your status.  That in fact, is the definition of happy: feeling or showing pleasure and contentment because of your life, situation, etc.

But do they define the core of your happiness?  And don’t they take time to cultivate and achieve?

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So, if that’s how you define happy, you’re telling me that you’re willing to wait for it?  That you don’t need or deserve it right now?

I beg to differ.

We all are worthy of some happiness, today.  Right now.  Even if it’s just a little slice.

Take out that sunshine list of yours, those things that make you smile, and start working on them.  Embrace them.

Spend more time with loved ones.  Use that vacation time you earned.  Pursue your hobbies.  Do what brings your pleasure, what makes you content.

If you’re having trouble with where to start, remember this…You can't buy happiness...

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy ice cream and that’s kinda the same thing.

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  1. This is fab; happiness is all any of us should be aiming for but I think it partly comes from appreciating the little things just as much the big things. Hearing a bird sing, looking up at a clear blue sky, enjoying a cup of tea all make me just as happy as some of life’s bigger wins. It’s a blessed state to be in X #mg

    1. WE need find so much appreciation in the little things. They make the big things. And a good cup of tea is simply savory, especially if you have no where to be.

  2. Although I do agree that we should do what makes us happy all the time. I disagree with the icecream quote. #mg

  3. I think a large part of being happy is just experiencing the now and focusing on now rather then the future. If we’re too busy thinking about how great things will be when x happens we will miss how wonderful this moment is. I’m working more on paying attention to right now.

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