Determination to Satisfaction

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction. #MondayMotivation

Wake up with determination.  Go to bed with satisfaction.

Do you wake up in the morning excited to start your day and tackle the tasks that lay before you?  Everything you have planned to do is all a part of a higher, larger goal that you’re working to achieve.

Then, after you’ve done all that you can do, you lay your head down with a smile on your face, satisfied with how the day played out.  Your hard work and efforts have brought you one step closer to your dreams.

That is how life should be.  Waking up ready to tackle the day all while enjoying (most of the time) the process of living and working.  Ending your day knowing you put your all into it and you will be rewarded.  The day wasn’t all for naught.

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Unfortunately, we don’t all feel or live this way.  Myself included.  And that’s sad.

I know my problem is that I haven’t figured out what the end goal is yet.  The big dream, my Big Why or what I want to be known for when I grow up.  So for now, I go through the motions, grasping onto anything that bears a resemblance to a suitable dream/goal.

I have a few passions that I’m (slowly) trying to turn into viable goals.  Ones that can keep me happy and earn me a living.  Slow baby steps.

If you DO live this week’s motivation, please let me know!  How did you decide what your big why was?  What you wanted to be when you grew up?  Are there things you do everyday that make achieving goals easier?

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  1. I’m right there with ya! I have some goals myself but I haven’t put them into action yet because every day life keeps getting in the way. Last month was brutal for me and my kids as we all passed around Bronchitis, then the first week of April we got snow and I’ve been playing catch up ever since. Hopefully this month will be a better one and I can start finally making my goals a reality! Best of luck to you as well! Popping over from #mg

    1. Ugh, bronchitis is the worst! I had it last April. Sick half the month, recovering the other half. Hopefully you’ll be in better health and can put that plan into action soon!

  2. I’m definitely in the same boat as you. Still trying to figure out my end goal, still trying to figure out ‘how’ to go to to bed satisfied. I often go to bed feeling exhausted, tired from doing so much in the day, yet wishing I had done more :/ It’s not really a great feeling, and it’s because that mundane, daily tasks begin to wear on you. I have found passion in many things, and am slowly piecing them together to become the best me. The waiting is the hard part though! #candidcuddles

    1. And those days that you go to bed exhausted because you were so busy… you wonder what did any of that accomplish! We’ll get there. life is giving me hints and signs of what’s to come. I just have to get brave and listen to my heart. Sooner rather than later.

  3. I’m starting to realise that the journey is possibly more important then the goal. It’s okay to have light and dark days because contrast is what makes them all the more poignant. I try to remember that if goals are easily obtained then reaching them wouldn’t be as satisfying, right?

    1. Oh you… getting deep on me. I suppose the journey could be more important. I just want my daily journey to be an accomplished one. With purpose, whatever that may be. not simply going through the motions.

  4. This is one of my favorite quotes! It sums up just how I’d love to have my days. Feeling like you accomplished what you wanted each day is a satisfying feeling although I don’t often have it. I find it hard to juggle everything lately! Thank you for sharing with #candidcuddles x

  5. My goal is to have my novel published, and whilst writing it I was so alive! But since finishing it I have sort of lost my way. I have started the editing, but I just can’t focus. I think right now I am living in limbo. I have been focussed on the new house build and I think once I am in the new house I will refocus back to my writing. Really great post!!! #mg

    1. Thank you Mac! Best wishes on your novel, I think about writing one sometimes. And a new house build is quite a project, so you do have your hands full. Focus will come soon =)

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