100 Happy Days – Week Twelve

Hello there =)

Welcome to week twelve of 100 Happy Days!  Just 2 more posts to go; week 14 will be 10 days of happy.  I was going to start another 100 Happy Days after this one, but I have a new Instagram series in the works.  Stay turned for that =)

On to the happy!

100 Happy Days

Week Twelve

100 Happy Days - Week 12 | Sarah Celebrates

78) Happy Birthdays – Last weekend we celebrated the 6th birthday of our friend’s son.  I remember visiting the family in the hospital after he was born.  Time sure does fly by.  We partied the only way a 6 year old boy should with a couple dozen kids running around playing laser tag, pizza and games.  It was a busy day.

79) Instagram On Paper – Snagged these cute picture stamps at Michael’s for one dollar!  I have a problem with dollar bins… No clue what I’ll use them for but I love them!

80) Pre-Workout Snack – Sugar and protein all in one little package.  Can’t beat that.

81) Bedtime – Need I say more?  Not that it was a bad day, but sometimes bed is just the best place to be.

82) Your Item Has Shipped! – Hooray!  Found a new Etsy shop I like.  Thanks Foxy Dori for having beautiful products and enabling my MTN obsession.

83) Washi Tape Love – OMG, I love washi tape!  Have I told you that before? ;)  Spent some time admiring my collection.

84) Beauty and Grace – You are born with beauty and grace.  I love when my weekly fortune cookies and page a day calendar work well together.

Less than 20 days to go… Check out past 100 Happy Days posts to catch up on my past happy days.  Stay happy =)

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